There is nothing better than spending a cold winter evening gathered around the fireplace with your loved ones. The fireplace provides a central point in family life during the long winter months. But without proper inspection and maintenance, your fireplace and chimney could be a terrible accident waiting to happen.

When was the last time you took a good, hard look at the structure of your chimney? Ure, it’s job is to carry smoke up and out of the house but seasonal freezes and thaws, use and wear and tear can all cause some serious problems if left unattended. For this very reason, we recommend annual chimney inspections and if we notice anything out of the ordinary, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Full Rebuild/Roof Up Rebuild
Whether your whole chimney needs replacing or just the upper half, our team of masons will work with you to construct the chimney of your dreams.

Chimneys tend to be one of the main problem areas when it comes to water getting into the house. Over time mother nature beats down on the chimney with most of it’s force focusing on the upper more exposed parts of the brick and cement. This creates crack lines in the cement between the bricks and in the winter water freezes between the cracks and pushes the bricks out creating bigger gaps for water to drip through. This results in water in your house and bricks falling off your chimney. This can be prevented by having minor brick repointing and cement work.

Chimney flashing
Over time chimney flashing can open up creating gaps for water to find its way into your home. A chimney leak can go unnoticed for some time creating vast amounts of water damage to the inside of your walls. We repair and replace all types of chimney flashing.

Chimney caps
We also make and install custom chimney caps to prevent rain and critters from coming down chimneys openings.

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