Have you ever spoken to a contractor who made your head spin simply because you didn’t understand the words he or she was using? We understand that most homeowners aren’t roofing professionals and may not be familiar with some of the jargon we use in the industry so we want to lay out a few common terms for you. This way, you’ll be much more confident when speaking with a contractor and you’ll know exactly what they are talking about.


Algae: one of the many fungi that can leave dark stains on your roof.

Apron Flashing: ever notice pieces of flat metal around a chimney? This is what it’s called.

Asphalt: this bituminous waterproofing agent is used in lots of different roofing materials. Take asphalt shingles for example.

Blistering: this is the term used for when bubbles or pimples are found in roofing materials. Most of the time blistering is moisture-related.

Dormer: a dormer is a raised roof extending out of a larger roof plane.

Eaves: generally speaking, this is the first three feet across a roof. It runs from the fascia to the structure’s outside wall.

Flashing: these materials are used to waterproof a roof around any projections.

Ice Dam: this is caused when snow melts on a roof and then re-freezes. It can cause water to back up under shingles and lead to leaks.

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